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For leaders in SMART CITIES, municipal governments and community institutions,
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Smart City success stories
  • Vienna Water
    The support provided by ms.GIS is fast and competent. Thanks to the trustful and effective collaboration, we are able to implement our visions for improving water supply in our GIS in line with state-of-the-art technology.

    DI Norbert Klicha
    Group Leader for Water Acquisition, Control, and Infrastructure, Vienna Water
  • Vienna Waste Management
    Together with ms.GIS, we were able to develop a modern, user-friendly, and efficient solution for the planning of winter service routes. By simplifying the complex task, we ensured that the streets of Vienna are free from snow and ice during the winter.

    Mag. Sabine Potzmann
    Head of IT, Vienna Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Vehicle Fleet
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ADV – Data Excellence Award, Apr 2024

  • We were awarded the Data Excellence Award 2024 in the category Data Excellence Hero.
  • Our OpenMetadata-Spatial-Connector enables the integration of 300+ GIS data formats.

Data Excellence Award 2024


ArcMap support ends, March 2024

  • ArcMap Desktop now enters the mature support state. This means no further software updates and patches will be available.
  • Find out how we can help you to easily upgrade.

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Gutacht-AIR, Feb, 2024

  • New Year, new challenges embraced!
  • Excited to announce our submission for the AI challenge: „KI-Unterstützung von Gutachtertätigkeit“

Gutacht-AIR @ IÖB

Group of companies


We create Value from Data for Cities, Government, Infrastructures & Assets.


Smart Home/Building as a Service empowering Smart Living Spaces.

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Our solutions are currently deployed in Europe, United States and South America.


Smart Projects

We have created Value from Data in more than 200 Projects for Smart Cities, Municipalities, Government Agencies, Energy and Mobility Providers and Natural Resources in the past 2 Decades.



Our Smart Living and Home Solutions serve more than 100,000 Households in countries in Europe and South America, integrating hundreds of Connected Devices and Smart Brands.

IOT success stories
  • SMART HOME by hornbach

    An IoT product like our SMART HOME by hornbach requires extensive know-how in all areas of IT, from device or product integration to secure 24×7 operation for our end customers. Hornbach has been relying on the IoT platform and experts of the ms.GIS and ROC-Connect corporate group for this purpose for years.

    Christian Rapp
    Technologie, Hornbach
  • Smart Home Brand OZOM

    We have been the preferred partners of Sodimac to develop and operate their Smart Home Brand OZOM for many years. Sodimac’s corporate marketing together with our data science team was able to constantly improve the customer experience and create real values from their IoT data warehouse.


    Matias Poupin
    CEO, ROC-Connect Chile

GeoSpatial and IoT use cases

  • Water


    ms.GIS uses GeoSpatial technology to help city authorities providing water reliable and secure, specifically:

    • streamlining workflows and automating processes to increase efficiency and productivity
    • structuring large volumes of data and making them usable via best-in-class database technologies
    • enhancing data visualization and mapping capabilities for better understanding and communication of spatial information
    • facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in managing and utilizing geospatial data
  • Roads


    ms.GIS utilizes GeoSpatial technology to assist city authorities in preparing for effective snow clearing operations, specifically:

    • developing and implementing integrated digital processes for winter season planning
    • achieving efficiency gains through workflow automation and reduction of manual tasks
    • providing data and information on vehicly types and resource requirements
    • optimizing routes and schedules for snow removal and de-icing operations
    • improving overall operational readiness and response to winter weather events
  • Living spaces


    ms.GIS uses GeoSpatial technology to help federal agencies protect settlement areas against floods, avalanges, rockfall and mud flow, specifically:

    • creating end-to-end digital processes for experts planning danger zones
    • providing audience-oriented data platforms to increase awareness among the public
    • ensuring data is always synchronized and available on-site across multiple federal locations
    • allowing field workers to safely complete their work in any terrain and situation powered by mobile apps
  • Homes


    Our solution helps owner of connected homes to integrate their devices or Smart Brands and to holistically control their home from one single app. The ability to use a variety of products in automating your connected home adds drastically to the security, the energy saving, and generally speaking to the comfort for the home owner and his family.


  • Energy


    Saving energy and promoting sustainable resource use is increasingly vital for homeowners and real estate managers. Our solution integrates devices, sensors, appliances, and smart meters to address key factors in energy conservation:

    • Enhanced Awareness: Our approach provides transparency on energy consumption and influencing factors, fostering incentives for savings when correlated with costs.
    • Education for Energy Efficiency: Through the App or CMS, we offer energy-saving education to encourage behavior change and highlight optional methods for conservation.
    • Automation for Efficiency: We implement energy-saving rules, allowing users to program homes or facilities for reduced overall consumption (e.g., scheduling, adjusting heating or cooling based on weather conditions or energy prices).
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GeoSpatial success stories
  • BML

    As a reliable partner in implementing IT-based applications for public administration, ms.GIS combines solution-oriented expertise with sustainable technology know-how.

    DI Ingo Schnetzer
    Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, Austria
  • MMF

    Together with ms.GIS we were able to develop a process-oriented system, which enables a standardized flow of information from local districts to administration and various authorities. It was crucial that our needs were addressed and integrated into existing interfaces. In summary, for over 10 years, they have been a reliable partner, even in challenging situations!

    DI Willibald Ehrenhöfer
    Forest Operations, Franz-Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau
  • BML

    We have been collaborating with ms.GIS for nearly 20 years. What started as an idea turned into a product, and that product became a flagship application for managing environmental data. This accomplishment would not have been possible without a competent partner by our side. For that, we are grateful!

    DI Christian Amberger
    Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, Austria
  • Lower Austrian Chamber of Agriculture

    Thanks to their customer-oriented and competent work, ms.GIS has succeeded in creating a mobile GIS application for the Forestry Department of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Agriculture that meets the extensive requirements of daily consulting.

    DI Martin Hahn
    Chamber of agriculture, Lower Austria
  • APG

    For over 15 years, ms.GIS has been successfully supporting Austria Power Grid APG with their expertise in the field of GeoSpatial technology, helping us achieve our annual goals.

    Rafael Kucfal
    Head of GIS, Austrian Power Grid



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